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  Cameroon has lost its respectibility and its credibility for a few decades now both inside and outside. Several international organisms class it among the most corrupt countries. Foreign investors have deserted the country because of the corruption and of the negligence of the administration, thousands of Cameroonians of the diaspora are systematically discouraged to come back even though they dream of bringing their experience and their knowledge to the nation. Even the 'untameable lions' who have made Cameroon prestigious and honorable around the world, struggle to receive the respect and consideration that they deserve. It is to say to which point Caameroon has depreciated.
National political history is equally discredited ; heros of the struggle for independence (Um Nyobe, Félix Moumié, Osendé Afana, Ernest Ouandié, Charles Assalé, André-Marie Mbida...) are forgotten and their names erased from public memory. The Cameroonian leaders have even abandoned the remains of the first president of the Republic, Ahmadou Ahidjo, abroad. As for the young people, they are left without perspective even though they represent the strength and the future of the nation.
Can one build a strong country by treating its children and its history in such a way ? Can one gather together the Cameroonians while scorning the Anglophone part, which has contributed to national unity ? How to understand that a country which has so many human and natural resources is in such a bad state almost 60 years after its rise to independence ? How to give back confidence to an entire nation, left to its sad fate by leaders who are only interseted in themselves ?
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 Auteur   Titus EDZOA 
 Date de parution    01/08/2021
 Collection  Itinéraire 
 Nombre de pages     144 
 Format  14.5x21 
 ISBN  978-2-916872-31-5 
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